Is your home cold in Toronto, ON

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It is important to be comfortable in your home, but it's not normal for you to have such a low temperature. The air conditioner or furnace may be working properly, but the temperature of your house is too low.


Checking those settings on your thermostat can help you see if there is something wrong with them:


Make sure that the dials are set at their highest setting and that they don't drop lower than what you normally use them for (for example, turn up one-half turn from "Off" or "Low"). If this happens several times during an hour-long period every day, then adjust accordingly.


Check that there are no air leaks where ductwork meets insulation panels by turning off all appliances except heater/air conditioning units and opening windows until fans run continuously; then close them again immediately after each test session because otherwise condensation will build up inside walls over time due to humidity coming through cracks created by drafts caused when doors are opened repeatedly throughout day-to-day activities like cooking meals etcetera


It's important not to ignore these signs because they can lead to bigger problems if left unchecked. It's also important not to overreact--if your furnace is making strange noises or running all the time without heating up your home properly, call us! We'll come out and assess the situation so we can get things back on track quickly for you.