Walk-in Cooler, Walk-in Freezer Installation Repair in Toronto GTA Ontario


If your commercial refrigeration system is on the fritz, you need to call us right away. We're a local business with years of experience offering quality repairs and installations to customers in the area.

Refrigeration repair

Refrigeration repair services are available to you in the event that your refrigerator or other piece of commercial refrigeration equipment breaks down. A qualified technician will be able to diagnose the problem and determine what needs to be done to fix it. If you need help with any aspect of commercial refrigeration, we can provide assistance. We offer:


Heat pump repair

When it comes to heat pumps, there are a few things you can do to check if your unit is working properly. First and foremost, it's important that you know what kind of system you have installed in your home or business. If you don't know what type of unit is installed in your building (central air conditioning or heat pump), contact us today! We can help determine whether or not the issue lies with the actual unit itself or somewhere else within its system.

Commercial refrigeration installation

Commercial refrigeration installation is the process of installing commercial refrigeration equipment. This includes new equipment, as well as replacing or upgrading old systems.

Commercial refrigeration repair is the process of repairing commercial refrigeration systems that are no longer working properly. It may also involve troubleshooting and diagnosing problems with existing units before any repairs take place (or even during).

Commercial refrigeration service involves routine maintenance checks on your system so that you can know it's running smoothly at all times--and get ahead of any potential problems before they occur! This could include cleaning coils, checking filters and more!

Commercial refrigeration repair and installation is one of our specialties.



● Bar Refrigerator Refrigeration Repair

● Commercial Blast Chiller Refrigeration Repair

● Chest Freezer Refrigeration Repair

● Commercial Ice-Cream Freezer Refrigeration Repair

● Merchandising Refrigerator Refrigeration Repair

● Merchandising Freezer Refrigeration Repair

● Refrigerated Display Cases Refrigeration Repair

● Under counter & Worktop Refrigerators Refrigeration Repair

● Under counter & Worktop Freezers Refrigeration Repair

● Reach-In Cooler Refrigeration Repair

● Reach-In Freezer Refrigeration Repair

● Salad Prep Refrigerator Refrigeration Repair

● Bakery Display Case Refrigeration Repair

● Pastry Display Case Refrigeration Repair

● Gelato Display Case Refrigeration Repair

● Ice-Cream Display Case Refrigeration Repair

● Fish Display Case Refrigeration Repair

● Seafood Display Case Refrigeration Repair

● Cheese Display Case Refrigeration Repair

● Deli Display Case Refrigeration Repair

● Meat Display Case Refrigeration Repair

● Prep Food Refrigerator Refrigeration Repair

● Walk-In Cooler Refrigeration Repair

● Walk-In Freezer Refrigeration Repair

The Value of regular Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance in Toronto, ON

Routine Service for Commercial Appliances in Toronto, ON



Free Estimate Walk-In Cooler, Walk-in
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The Best Brands Of Commercial Refrigeration
Walk-in Cooler, Walk-in Freezer Installation Repair
in Toronto GTA Ontario
We can resolve all types of commercial refrigeration service issues, from
leaks & strange noises/odours to failure to cool. No problem is too
fundamental or too complicated for us to solve. We realize how much you
daily depend on your freezer or cooler to keep your business going. We’ll
restore it to complete function with precise commercial refrigeration
repairs. Besides offering exceptional work with quick turnaround time, we
aim to keep our commercial refrigeration repair costs reasonable. It doesn’t
matter if you own an ice cream freezer or a Perlick cooler, we’ll offer
economical, efficient repairs when things go wrong. We install, service &
repair major commercial refrigeration brands in Toronto ON, major
refrigeration brands are
● Perlick Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
● Aga Marvel Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
● Northland, Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
● Walkin cooler and freezer Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
● KeepRite Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
● Copeland Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
● Lynx Coolers Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
● True Refrigeration Coolers, Freezers
Common Commercial Fridge Issues
● Strange fridge sounds
● Freezer not freezing all shelves
● Fridge drain issues
● Fridge error code
● Fridge leaks water
● Freezer not cooling
● Fridge is leaking water
● Fridge doesn’t work
● Strange freezer noise
● Fridge is warm
● Clicking sound from freezer
● Broken fridge water dispenser
● Icemaker doesn’t dispense ice
● Ice maker not working
● Fridge freezes food
● Coils frosting up
● Broken fridge light
● Fridge compressor is too hot
● No water from fridge dispenser
● Fridge fan broken
● Fridge freezing food
● Fridge temperature too low
● Broken icemaker
● Fridge temperature too high
● Condensation in fridge
● Fridge door not closing properly
● Freezer not closing properly
Commercial Fridge Repair FAQs
How much does a commercial fridge unit repair cost?
On average, a commercial fridge repair can cost anywhere between $200 and up
to $1000, depending on the issue that needs to be fixed and parts needed. For
example, a simple thermostat replacement will cost much less than issues with
Why the Commercial fridge not cooling?
Why my Commercial fridge blowing hot air?
Why is my commercial refrigerator building up ice?
Which is better repair or replace my commercial fridge?
Can the commercial fridge be fixed at the same day?
Who is coming to fix the fridge?
How do I prepare my fridge for repair?
How long does it take for fridge parts to be delivered?
What Kind Of Businesses do you Serve?
Industrial Fridge Maintenance Tips
Keep the coils clean
Inspect the gasket
Change the filters
Keep the temperature consistent
Keep the door properly shut
Don't overcrowd
Keep it away from heat
Common Fridge Parts
Expert Walk in Freezer Service
If you’re a commercial business that relies on walk-in freezers, a problem with your freezer
could be damaging to your bottom line. The costs of commercial freezer repairs can be
off-putting, but a quick and cost-effective repair can save your walk-in freezer from costly bigger
repairs or even replacements down the line. For minimal disruption to your business and
assurance down the line, it’s best to get walk-in freezer problems fixed as soon as possible.
You can trust our expert technicians with your commercial appliance repair because we
guarantee satisfaction. We are family owned and operated and we stand behind our impeccable
reputation. Our customers know that we are fully transparent and efficient appliance repair

Walk In freezer & fridge installation Service
Need a walk- in fridge or freezer installed? With 20 years of experience in the industry, at
Certified Mechanical our technicians guarantee quick and efficient installations with minimal
disruptions to business operations. We understand the value of time and hence Certified
Mechanical will make sure the installations are completed efficiently in as little as 1 hour. We
make sure you are 100% satisfied and also offer all kinds of troubleshooting after installation if