Fridge Repair in Toronto


Fridge Repair in Toronto

At Certified Mechanical, we are your go-to local refrigerator repair service in the Greater Toronto Area. We offer reliable refrigerator repair services for both residential and commercial customers in the GTA.

In unfortunate cases when these pieces of equipment malfunction, a qualified expert should be called in immediately. For a successful business or happy home, you need your appliances working in tip-top condition.

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  • Ice Machine

Keeping your fridge working properly demands that you have access to a local refrigerator repair service in Toronto that you can trust. A fridge is like any other machine -- it needs periodic maintenance from time-to-time to keep it working properly. For that reason, you need a truly professional team, with the right experience to accurately diagnose any issues with your fridge, as well as suggest and carry out any necessary repairs to a high standard. At Certified Mechanical, we are up for the task!

Commercial Fridges

Commercial fridges are used by many businesses throughout the GTA. Everything from butchers, bakers, grocery stores and gas stations, cinemas and even health centres use a fridge for their daily operations. Keeping these refrigerators working as efficiently as possible is essential for the smooth running of your company. Even a mild fridge malfunction can have a lasting impact on a business.

A broken fridge can lead to a wide variety of issues, including spoiled stock, wasted money, health and safety risks, leaking water, damage to profits and much more. At worst, it can lead to businesses being unable to serve customers. That’s why it is critical that you contact a trustworthy and experienced repair team in the case of a broken refrigerator.

Certified Mechanical offers a local refrigerator repair service to Toronto businesses that minimizes downtime and maximizes fridge reliability. We handle everything, from replacing worn seals to repairing refrigerant leaks and even replacing compressors.

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Residential Fridges

Certified Mechanical also offers our expertise to residential refrigerator owners in need of repair services. If your fridge is starting to make unusual sounds, emitting strange smells, leaking or you're noticing that it has difficulty keeping your food chilled, our technicians can help.

In many cases, a large headache can be avoided by dealing with a problem while it's still small. Our experts will thoroughly examine your fridge to determine the issue before providing you with a selection of options that we think would best suit your case. We can perform repairs, replace any broken or worn parts and help direct your attention to any issues that you might experience later down the line.

Fridge Repair You Can Trust

At Certified Mechanical, we enjoy an excellent reputation from our customers throughout the GTA. Whether you have a commercial or residential fridge, we always focus on providing the same timely and reliable service. We help our clients save money in many cases by offering dependable and efficient repairs rather than replacement.

Throughout the GTA, there are many homes and businesses that depend on their fridges -- and they trust Certified Mechanical to keep them reliable. If your fridge encounters an issue, we're here to offer the professional help you need.

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Do you require a local refrigerator repair service and live in the Greater Toronto Area? To get a quote, schedule a visit or arrange a repair, call Certified Mechanical or fill out our online form today!