Washing Machine Repair in Toronto


Laundry Machine Repair For Toronto Homes and Businesses

At Certified Mechanical, we provide trustworthy washer and dryer repair service in the Greater Toronto Area. We have the right experience and know-how to fix a wide range of different types of washers and dryers for both residential and commercial customers in the GTA.

Having a laundry room stocked with all the necessary appliances can be a wonderful convenience in your home. While most homeowners get to enjoy these modern appliances, not everyone knows how to ensure their appliances are running in top shape and producing efficient results year-round.

Certified Mechanical has been helping homeowners keep their laundry room appliances performing effectively for several years. We know how to quickly assess problems or concerns and provide viable solutions.

Laundry room appliances are essential in the modern family's household. Whether you have a top or front loading machine, several common issues can cause performance problems, which may include leaks and loss of agitation.

We take care of:

  • Dryer Vents

  • We also provide fast and efficient repairs

It is important to have a dependable washer and dryer repair service you can call in the event of any emergencies. This gives you a fast and hassle-free way to get your washer repaired. If you live in the GTA, you can rely on Certified Mechanical to always be there when you need to fix your broken washer or dryer with no fuss. We provide washing machine repair Toronto customers can trust to give excellent service and value.

Essential For Your Home

A washing machine is an essential appliance in any home. It performs the vital task of washing dirty clothes and making them clean again for us to wear. Without a working washing machine in your home, you would be forced to wear dirty, smelly clothes or spend hours hand washing all your laundry items!

There are many reasons why a washer may break, from filters getting clogged to parts simply breaking over time. A broken washer puts a huge strain on any home and this is why having access to a quick, affordable washer and dryer repair service in Toronto is essential.

We offer a wide range of appliance repair services.

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Signs Your Washer May Need Repair

There is no doubt that the washing machine and dryer in any home gets through a lot of work. But what are the most common signs that either one might need repairing?

Although it sounds obvious, the major one is that if the machine stops working altogether, you may require a repair! If your washer or dryer simply does not turn on, you need to call in a professional to check it out.

There are also some other key signs to look out for, even if your machine appears to be operating:

  • Excessive noise is one common sign that your machine may require a check. If you find that your washer or dryer makes a lot of noise on regular wash cycles, it could be a sign your drum or motor mount might be loose.

  • If you notice that the water does not properly fill your washer’s drum when in use, this is another sign that all is not as it should be. You may also notice that water remains inside the washer drum once a cycle is finished. This could be a sign that the drain hose or water pump is broken or blocked.

The last thing anyone wants to think about is how well the washer is performing in general. If it just doesn't seem to wash clothes as well as it once did, you need help from the right experts. Certified Mechanical provides appliance repair Toronto residents can trust.

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Reliable Washer Repair

When you choose Certified Mechanical to repair your washer or dryer, you get the best quality service around. We know how key these appliances are to any home, which is why we are here to help. Our expert team of engineers is fully licensed and qualified, so you can be sure that any work will be completed to a high standard.

Our engineers are also highly experienced, which means they will easily be able to identify any issues and fix them in no time.

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Do you require a washer & dryer repair service and live in the Greater Toronto Area? To get a quote, schedule a visit, or arrange a repair, call Certified Mechanical or fill out our online form today! Note that if you’re looking for commercial freezer repair near you, Certified Mechanical provides a complete freezer repair and maintenance service.